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Simply Spray Silver Glimmer Stencil Spray Paint


Simply Spray Silver Glimmer Stencil Spray Paint

Product Code SRGSSP
Manufacturer Simply Spray
Product Stencil Spray Paint
Colour Silver Glimmer

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Simply Spray - Soft, Simple and Safe

This Fabric Spray Paint is easy to use, non-toxic and cab be used indoors as it gives off no fumes or bad smells.

Why not create some great new clothes by recycling your old clothes with Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paints.

Simply Spray is easy to use, non-toxic and gives off no fumes or bad smells. Simply Spray fabric paint is great way to turn your old clothes, T-Shirts, Jeans, hats etc. into something brighter. Or why not use it with a stencil for an easy way to personalise your clothes. Simply Spray absorbs into the fabric and dries at room temperature leaving you with a machine washable garment.

You can use Simply Spray to make tie-dyed T-shirts without the mess or hassle of liquid dyes. Just scrunch, spray and you're done. You can also use this type of paint for clothing, curtains, lampshades, pillow cases, dolls and all kinds of crafts. Take a look at the projects section of our website to get some ideas of the sort of things you can make using Simply Spray.

  • Non Toxic

  • Non Fumes or Smells

  • Stays Soft and Pliable

  • Dries in 30 minutes

  • Machine Washable after 72 hours

  • Dries at Room Temperature

  • No need to heat set or iron

  • Washes of hands with soap and water

  • Fade resistant

  • No mess or hassle of liquid dyes



Fabric Spray Paint Projects

It works on most textiles and natural fibres including cotton, rayon, canvas, leather and hemp.

There are hundreds of different fabrics produced in the world today, and unfortunately Simply Spray will not work on all of them. We recommend that you carry out a quick test to see if Simply Spray is suitable to use on your fabric.

As a rule of thumb, if water can absorb into the fabric then Simply Spray will too. If your fabric is coated in some way and water cannot absorb into it, then Simply Spray will not work. You can simply pour some water onto the fabric and see if it absorbs into the fabric or if it runs off.

  • Personalise Jeans

  • Stencil Design T-shirts

  • Make Tie Dye T-shirts

  • Stencil Curtains

  • Stencil Lampshades

  • Design PillowCases

  • See Our Project Ideas