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Visit Fabric Spray Paint UK for spray paints for t-shirts, upholstery, jeans, bags, curtains, bedding and any other fabrics. Create your own designs simply and quickly with our non-toxic spray paints. Fast drying and can be washed off your hands with soap and water. Join our newsletter for tips, product offers and ideas.

Fabric Spray Paint

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Fabric Spray Paint Stencil Spray paint Upholstery Spray Paint

Brighten up your clothes using this range of non-toxic fabric spray paints.

Add stencil patterns to your clothes with these stencil spray paints.

Breathe a new lease of life into your old furniture with these upholstery spray paints.

Paint Multipacks

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Fake Blood Spray

Fabric Spray Paint Stencil Spray paint
Upholstery Spray Paint

Save money with these Spray Paint Multipacks. These packs are ideal for any party or           projects.

Choose from our range of ready made stencils. Made from cardboard, simply push out the cut-outs and you’re ready to go!

Make your ghoulish costume or decorations more realistic with this Fake Blood spray for  fabrics.